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Ottawa Flowers Weddings

A wedding is one of life's biggest events; it takes months to plan, costs a lot of money, but its memories last a lifetime! If you are planning your wedding, first of all: Congratulation!

Trust Ottawa Flowers Inc. with your wedding!

Here is the bottom line:
Whom do you trust with the most delicate part of your most important day, the wedding flowers?

With more than 540 weddings last year alone, Ottawa Flowers has the experience, the expertise and the purchasing volume to deliver a wedding of any size and complexity better than anyone else in the Ottawa region!

We spend time with you and your family to understand your vision and then we realize it. No matter how small or large your budget, you will have our full commitment.

Why does volume matter?

Unbeatable prices...
Because of the number of weddings we do, we can afford to offer you the most competitive prices.

We've done it all...
Because of the number of weddings we do, our designers are indeed equipped to achieve anything you can imagine artistically!

Our Experience...
Because of the number of weddings we do, we have the experience to manage and handle every detail from logistics, packaging and transportation, to setting up and assembling at reception hall or church venues.
These are details that if not handled properly, can sometimes become a nightmare and ruin your day.

We are flexible...
No set prices here, no package deals! We do it your way with our expertise.

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